About the Refuge

at Knoll Farm

The Refuge is a retreat center in a spectacular, private setting that has a long history of changing how people think and work together. Offering space for deep conversation, reflection and celebration, the Refuge is located on our working farm amid organic gardens and ceremonial, hand-crafted spaces that encourage inspiration and renewal.

The Refuge is available from May 15 to October 15 for retreats, conferences, celebrations, events and countless other day-long to multi-day uses. If you are attracted to a stunning natural setting, inspiring green buildings, and a land-based community a bit off the beaten track of mainstream America, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We are all about co-creating transformative experiences, and we’d love to hear about the vision you want to manifest.

We are proud that our Refuge has consistently created a safe harbor where issues of class, race, power and privilege are seriously engaged, and all people are welcomed and honored. Such spaces are sadly all too rare, and our home and refuge are an expression of what we work toward in the larger world. A rich history of change-making continues here through those of you who join us each year and benefit from what the Refuge has to offer.

The place we offer is about to get even better!

What we have always aspired to create is something that expresses our love of artistic design, our belief in simplicity and a light ecological footprint, and our appreciation for nature.

Throughout 2024, Knoll Farm and our community of donors are making a $750,000 renovation to the yurt village and our 100-year old barn at the heart of the farm. We will be taking day-use reservations in 2024, and we will be excited to book overnight retreats beginning in 2025.

Changes to look forward to in 2025:

  • A new woodfired sauna in the yurt village above the bath house
    A new electric vehicle for guests to move around the farm
  • A new dining commons and outdoor dining deck
    Better lighting and more open council spaces in the barn
    A new commercial kitchen to showcase local food arts

None of these changes will “fancy up” the farm but, instead, make it more able to express the range of things we’d love to offer, as well as help us be more viable long into the future. None of the simplicity, charm and beauty of this rustic place will be lost. Our partnership with our private clients is so important to us. We hope you will be excited about these improvements, and we hope you will book your retreat or celebration now for 2025.

We are still accepting day-long event reservations, June 1 – September 1 2024

and overnight retreat reservations for 2025. We’d love to hear from you!

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