Better Selves Fellowship 2019

Congratulations on your fellowship! We’re so happy that you’ll be able to attend. Please take a some time to fill out the form below to help us make your time with us as comfortable and welcoming as possible. If you have any questions or trouble with this form please email us.

    Your Address

    Please let us know your dietary needs and preferences: What kinds of meals make you healthy and happy?

    Our accommodations are beautiful, simple, close to nature, and a combination of individual and shared yurts. Do you feel you need a private yurt or can you share with another fellow?

    If you are able to share a yurt, do you have any preferences or requests of us?

    Some of the yurts are clustered together and close to the bath house while others have more privacy, are more in the woods, and up to 100 yards from the bath house. What are your preferences?

    Do you have any requests of us regarding your project or purpose in the fellowship? Do you need anything to help you do what you most want and need to do while you are here?

    Please do your best to arrive at the farm between 12 and 4 pm on the first day of your fellowship so that we may settle you in to your yurt before our orientation and fellowship kick-off at 4:00 pm.

    I will most likely be traveling by:

    If you know more specifics about your travel plans (arrival time, flight numbers, etc) please provide them here:

    Is there anything else you would like us to know to help us be in-service to you while you are here?

    Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing you on the farm.

    By joining our community, you become part of the story of this land.

    Be the first to know when the berries are ripe, workshops are scheduled, or leadership fellowships are announced.

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