Better Selves Fellowship Orientation


(All of this will be covered when you get to the farm. This is for those of you that would like more information before you arrive.)

We look forward to welcoming you to Knoll Farm and the beginning of your fellowship here. We are thrilled to have you here as you take time to reflect upon the work you are doing and have time to work on your personal projects. We are here for you and would love to show you the different aspects of the farm to help you settle into your time. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or let us know anything you may need.

This is your time; therefore, we do not have planned sessions other than meal time. As you will see below, we are offering time with Peter each day, and there will be a schedule of offerings in the middle floor of the barn (including Peter’s sign up schedule). Otherwise this is your time. We hope this will provide you the pause that you need to reflect and renew.


Food & Meals:

We are looking forward to sitting with you, getting to know you better, hearing how your day is starting or ending. We will join together in beautiful food prepared by Chef Jacob each day. Meals will be served at the following times:

  • Breakfast at 8am,
  • Lunch at 12:00pm and
  • Dinner at 6:30pm.

Meals are served on the top floor of the Barn.

We do not provide snacks between meals but if you have food that you brought or pick up in town (there are two groceries and several cafes and delis nearby) you are welcome to keep it in the small fridge in the upper level of the barn. We will have tea, coffee and drinking water available at all times in the barn dining area.

Please be sure that you don’t keep any food in The Refuge. We are in the wilderness and there are many critters who are looking to feast on your snacks. Along with this, in our Main Barn please keep an eye and out and make sure there isn’t food, crumbs, wrappers and so laying around. We do appreciate this.

Connecting to the Outside World

Located in the main office building you will find several spots for private meetings or conversations and a strong Wi-Fi connection. We also have a phone line there if you need to make a phone call, and there is a strong cell phone signal at the farm for AT&T and Verizon users. The land line for emergencies is 802-496-5686.

We do ask while you are here that you help us to keep the Refuge and Barn clean and ready for the next arrival or next meal. You will find in the lower level of the barn our job list. You will sign up for a job at dinner the first night. This is a great chance to lend us a hand, help in the kitchen, and get to know other fellows attending. We have a very small staff and so we depend on your help and truly appreciate you helping us keep our beautiful farm ready for each person that enters.

Knoll Farm is a working farm. This time of year we have sheep in the fields, blueberries growing, vegetables in abundance, and lots of work to do. You will see many friendly faces working the farm. If you have farm related questions, our shared meal time is the best time to ask those, so that each person, yourself included, can get the work done that they here to do. If you would like to volunteer a small amount of time each day on the farm, please ask Helen about how you might do that. And if you are here during blueberry season, you may want to pick your own for snacking or packing home. You will find instructions on how to do that at our farm stand, which is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

Additional Offerings

Peter Forbes offers one-hour individual coaching every morning for those interested. We will be announcing additional offerings such as body movement various other activities each day at dinner. If you have something you would like to offer the group: yoga, hiking, etc. please feel free to announce this at dinner. Also, take full advantage of our hiking trails and swimming holes, grab a group and head down to the river. We are happy to point you to various wonderful locations in the Valley.

Stop by our Farm Stand too. As you will see there are many locally made beautiful products and food from the farm. You are welcome to shop at the farm stand, pick blueberries, and enjoy the offerings. We ask that you use the same honor system as our community does.

Extra Questions?

If you need anything in town, have a question about how to get around, or additional requests while you are here, please do not hesitate to stop into the office and see Mandy.

Emergency or Assistance:

If you have an emergency or a quick question please feel free to text or call us.

Mandy 802.578.2064 (day time hours)
Peter  (night emergencies) 802.595.0711

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