Better Selves Fellowship 2020

Thank you for your application. You have been placed on our waiting list for a spot in the 2020 Fellowship. Please take a moment to fill out the form below to let us know your intentions for 2020. If you have any questions, or trouble with this form please email us.

Please know that we will be working carefully to stay on top of the situation as updates to public health information become available.

To help us best prepare for our season PLEASE RESPOND NO LATER THAN MAY 15

Please keep me on the waiting list for the 2020 FellowshipPlease remove me from the waiting list and reconsider my application for 2021Please withdraw my application. I am not able to attend this year or next.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions you’d like to share about how we are approaching the Better Selves Fellowships in this time of the coronavirus?

Whether you are deferring your application, or staying on the waiting list for the fellowship, do you have any special requests of us that would help you to make a final decision?

By joining our community, you become part of the story of this land.

Be the first to know when the berries are ripe, workshops are scheduled, or leadership fellowships are announced.

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