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Thanks to contributions from people like you, thousands have come to Knoll Farm to take part in community events, retreats or workshops, to walk the land, or to celebrate the life of a loved one. We are grateful for your support of any amount.



Support Better Selves Fellowships

Your gift to the Better Selves Fellowship will help fund a week of renewal and remembering for 60 change-makers dedicated to social justice, conservation and community resiliency. 

The Better Selves Fellowship at Knoll Farm is one of several programs of New Learning Journey, a public charity that supports those walking the edge between social justice, conservation and community resilience. We see a larger and more diverse world that cares about the relationship between people and nature than is reflected in the story of conservation today. We seek to respectfully reduce that gap through in-depth, transformational, cross-cultural learning experiences to foster new ways of thinking and new partners. Your donation is tax deductible.

Support Our Farm

This farm and retreat center reflect our deep belief in ecological health and the power of bringing people together on the land to bridge divides and restore our best selves. These two things are connected, and run through everything we do. For a while we have been noticing the ways that climate change has made it harder to farm – invasive pathogens like the spotted-wing fruit fly and more extreme weather patterns are two examples. Now, on top of climate change, we are all dealing with a pandemic that keeps people, for now at least, isolated from each other. This seriously threatens not only our philosophy of life but also how we earn our keep.

We know this time will be an inflection point for all of us whose lives and livelihoods our built on direct relationships; it will be a point when we either found ways to adapt and survive, or did not. The Covid19 pandemic might be the biggest test of our strengths in nearly 20 years of self-created living, but we have always had to be adaptable, creative and resilient. With the strength of our community, we are optimistic and hopeful, and every day we are deeply grateful for people like you, and for this land.


A For-Community Enterprise

Knoll Farm is a for-community enterprise in service to those far away and to the soils and people of our Mad River Valley. With our belief that community service is the necessary, everyday

work of individuals and families, we are well into our second decade of providing a social mission interwoven into a working family farm.

There are many ways to help us make a difference below.


By joining our community, you become part of the story of this land.

Be the first to know when the berries are ripe, workshops are scheduled, or leadership fellowships are announced.

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