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In this time of dual crises, the pandemic and the national uprisings, it is more crucial than ever that Knoll Farm be a refuge for others.

As a small family farm, we chose to respond to this moment with radical hospitality, to be a refuge for others and to model the way we need the world to be, full of healthy land open to others and all of us helping each other to be our best selves. With your help, we are creating lasting interrelationships that will help our world emerge out of these dual crises of structural racism and pandemic together.

Everyone must ask themselves this question about the moment our nation is in: what is the role we are asked to play?

Here’s Knoll Farm’s response to this time our nation is in:

Solidarity Grants Now: sharing our budget back with our alumni:

On July 1, we shared forward more than $25,000 of our small budget with our alumni to support their “better selves” where they each live.  These are immediate gifts back to current and former fellows for their needs for anything to provide more breathing space, a little bit of self-care and renewal in place.

Being a Refuge Now:

This summer, many local groups came to Knoll Farm to renew themselves, including: Out in The Open, Presente Maine, In Tandem Arts, VT Community Bail Fund, VT Food Bank, Two Roads Social Services, Black Lives Matter, and BIPOC caucus for Peace and Justice.  In addition, dozens of our alumni and their families are being welcomed at the Refuge throughout the summer.

More Better Selves Fellowships in 2021:

Better Selves Fellows are working 24/7 on immigration issues, police reform and land justice efforts. Many are essential workers, 68% are people of color, 85% are executive directors shouldering everything in their small organizations. We created a fellowship for them. We seek to welcome all 2020 fellows in 2021 and expand the program to welcome new fellows.

Be a refuge always.

We believe that what our country and world is going through asks us at Knoll Farm to share, to be creative, to give the space and time people are missing and needing, and to create safety and community. Being a refuge is the role we’ve been summoned to play, and the effort to quickly and meaningfully respond has stretched us, but being stretched is just a one part of what it takes to stand in solidarity with others.

Be A Refuge Campaign

Your gift to our Be A Refuge campaign will help us continue to be a refuge for leaders confronting our nation’s dual crises of structural racism and coronavirus in 2020.

It will also go toward our Better Selves Fellows. We seek to welcome all 2020 fellows who had to defer to 2021, and expand the program to welcome new fellows.

Your donation will be acknowledged by New Learning Journey, our 501c3 that supports those walking the edge between social justice, conservation and community resilience. Your donation is tax deductible.

By joining our community, you become part of the story of this land.

Be the first to know when the berries are ripe, workshops are scheduled, or leadership fellowships are announced.

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