Knoll Farm Benefit Concert

Peter Mulvey

 Saturday, Aug 22

 5:30 pm picnicking; 7:00 concert

 $20 Advance General Admission; $25 at the door

$10 kids, 12 and under; $100 Heroes Ticket

Knoll Farm is thrilled and honored to have the great singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey play in the Events Barn for our annual benefit concert for the Better Selves Fellowships.

“Peter Mulvey is a true musical craftsman, developing and refining his approach through genre experimentation and 25 years of hard work, writing and playing all over the world. Even after 17 albums, Mulvey’s creative juices continue to flow strong.” – Pop Matters

Peter Mulvey has been a songwriter, road-dog, raconteur and almost-poet since before he can remember. Raised working-class Catholic on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, he took a semester in Ireland, and immediately began cutting classes to busk on Grafton Street in Dublin and hitchhike through the country, finding whatever gigs he could. Small shows led to larger shows, which eventually led to regional and then national and international touring. The wheels have not stopped since.

Eighteen records, one illustrated book, thousands of live performances, opening for luminaries such as Ani DiFranco, Emmylou Harris, and Chuck Prophet, appearances on NPR, an annual autumn tour by bicycle, hosting his own festival (the Lamplighter Sessions, in Boston and Wisconsin)… Mulvey never stops. He has built his life’s work on collaboration and on an instinct for the eclectic and the vital. He folds everything he encounters into his work: poetry, social justice, scientific literacy, and a deeply abiding humanism are all on plain display in his art.

Early in 2017, a series of upheavals found Mulvey living through a winter in a friend’s empty house in the small Midwestern town of Fort Atkinson. Unmoored, walking hours each day along the frozen marsh of the Bark river and through the wintry oak savannah nearby —the songs came in fast and strange and vivid. These songs became his latest record, “There Is Another World,” a vivid dreamscape of imagistic, haiku-like auditory sketches and haunting, sweet songs.

The benefit concert is an annual fundraiser celebrating the mission of Knoll Farm and raising money for the Better Selves Fellowships. Our goal this year is to raise money to provide a week-long retreat for 60 individuals working in the fields of social justice, human well being and conservation who need the time and support for renewal, strength and remembering.

The evening begins at 5:30pm. There will be wine and beer available to purchase, and local food vendors. Peter Mulvey will go on at 7:00pm. We encourage you to purchase tickets in advance.

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