The Long Now Retreat

with Peter Forbes

 Dates: September 4-7

Time: Tues 11AM-Fri 1PM

Cost: Sliding scale tuition

What is your long work, the purpose of your life that spans time, organizations and careers? How do you view the long arc of that work amidst the urgency of today’s news cycle? How does this moment in our nation’s history ask you to engage?

Many are hungry to connect with other thoughtful, experienced people during this period of enormous change. We are in one of those times of mounting challenge that begs clarity and courage, and requires that we stay connected.

The Long Now Retreat is an inquiry into the long work of a life and what it calls on you to do today. Very often it is helpful to have space with peers and the context of good facilitation and individual coaching to consider important questions. What scale of my life work recognizes my gifts and my limitations? How does privilege show up in my life, making some things possible and others impossible? How do I merge my deed and creed? What sustains my creative energy? What must I ask of myself?

The Long Now is offered as a peer learning experience. Peter Forbes’ role as facilitator and guide is to sustain the inquiry among a group of peers who can help to transform each other’s awareness. Peter’s responsibility is to assemble a collection of peers that can support and challenge one another, to listen deeply to each individual’s aspiration, and to create the conditions for provocative questions to be answered through the wisdom of time and experience.

The retreat will include group discussions, plus ample time for personal reflection. In individual coaching sessions with Peter, he will draw on his 20 years of experience helping individuals and groups to do their best work. You can learn more about Peter here.

TO REGISTER: please pay your reservation deposit with our RSVP form below. Room and 3 meals is $125 per day. Our tuition is on a sliding scale so please choose an amount you feel you can most afford. The middle range reflects our actual cost. The reservation deposit is non-refundable. We will bill your remaining tuition balance, to be paid before arrival. 

Full workshop cost:

Room & meals (3 nights): $375.00
Tuition: sliding scale from $350-$600


The Long Now Retreat: September 4-7

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