Habibi’s Yarn Shop Cafe

Locally grown food and fiber

Habibi’s Yarn Shop Cafe is open Fridays noon to 6 pm. Come enjoy freshly made soups, baked goods, hot drinks and snacks while reading in our library or sitting by the fire. Bring a knitting project we can help you with or start a new one with our Icelandic yarns from the shop.

Habibi’s Menu

Our menu is super simple, nourishing and affordable. Each week we change the ingredients, featuring our own and local sourcing ingredients. Everything is made from scratch.

  • Coffee, local roasters including Big Gear and Awake
  • Teas, from our herbs and Foster Farm
  • Cookies, including gluten free
  • Muffins and other baked goods
  • Soups, vegetarian or vegan
  • Stews, from our own lamb

How We Make Our Icelandic Yarn

We shear our sheep twice a year. In summer they grow a massive coat with a beautiful lustrous sheen because of all the protein in the grass.

The lambs are shorn for the first time in the fall, at 5 months old. This is the wool we turn into yarn and blankets. It is carefully picked clean (or “skirted”), then washed, dehaired, spun, and skeined. We use small fiber mills throughout New England to produce our yarn. After it is spun, we hand-dye small batches at the farm.

We also sell raw fleeces in a variety of natural colors to hand spinners.

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