Icelandic Sheep for Sale

All of our mature ewes and ewe lambs for sale this year have been spoken for and we will not be selling pregnant ewes this year. We are still selling the best of our 2020 ram lambs, out of two sires, Ovid or Kameli, who are pictured below. If interested, email Helen.

Ram Lamb for Sale

KFM 601H

Born: 3/29/20, single
Sire: Kind Horn Ram 906E Ovid
Dam: Grace
Description: Huge, glossy white ram with exceptional fleece and size. Mother is a homozygous gray ewe we particularly like the look of, and she did a great job with this first lambing. Strong AI lines include Raftur, Blettur, Grimur and Vali. $495 Reserved

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Ram Lamb for Sale

KFM 605H or 606H

Born: 4/5/20, twins
Sire: Kameli
Dam: Cloud
Description: Well grown white ram lambs out of a huge moorit mouflon ram. Their white mother carries moorit so they will also have the potential for moorit offspring. Nice wide horns and very soft fleece. $450 

Ram Lamb for Sale

KFM 616H

Born: 4/12/20, twin
Sire: Kind Horn Ram 906E Ovid
Dam: Amina
Description: Lovely coloring on this black/gray ram lamb out of our Vali grandson and a moorit mouflon mother. Could carry badgerface or mouflon as well as gray.   $450 Reserved

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