Icelandic Sheep for Sale

Here is a listing of our some of our 2023 stock for sale. Thank you for your patience as we add animals and get out in the field to take their photos. Buyers who have made deposits have first pick through June, but check in with us if you have questions about stock after July 1. Rather than list all the AI bloodlines, I have put the animals’ registration numbers next to their name. You can look up full pedigrees at 2023 Lamb registrations are pending.

Thank you for your interest, and stay in touch.

2023 Rams for Sale

KFM 693K Lincoln [USA]3798

Born 4/14/22

Purebred, registered Icelandic ram

Good-looking piebald yearling ram with a huge fleece, long body, good feet and good muscling in legs and back and chest. Gentle temperament, nice horn set, classic Icelandic face with very symmetrical markings that can be passed on. Excellent farm-bred vigor, size and parasite resistance. (Note: That’s a bramble stuck in his fleece. 🙂 $750

KindHorn 342J “Merwin” [USA] 2740

Born 4/5/21, twin

Purebred, registered Icelandic ram

Merwin is a black-gray ram with superb muscling, nice horn set, square confirmation and gentle temperament. Carries mouflon and gray as well as moorit. We have been really happy with his lambs for that past two years, in color, size and vigor.  $850

KindHorn 430K “Peacham” [USA] 3920

Born 4/5/21, twin

Purebred, registered Icelandic ram

Peacham is a white ram yearling who had some beautiful lambs for us this year. He’s calm and easy to handle, excellent horn set and good muscling. Gorgeous huge fleece. Prudur grandson and also has AI from Hunn, Flotti, At and others. $850

KFM 705L 

Born 4/03/23

White ram twin out of July and Peacham. First born of the year and really great size. More info to come….

KFM 706L

Born 4/03/23, twin

Twin to 705L, ram lamb out of Peacham and July. More info to come.

KFM 709L

Born 4/06/23: Moorit badgerface ram lamb, single, out of Bishbash and Merwin. Very tall and stocky, beautiful coloring. More to come…

2023 Ewes and Ewe Lambs for Sale

KFM 719L

Born 4/13/23: White twin out of Nandi and Peacham. Vigorous, chunky, friendly. Mother is a beautiful black mouflon and they may carry her pattern.

KFM 713L

Born 4/9/23: single black/gray ewe out of Isolde and Merwin. Tiny white spot on head. Will likely carry badgerface as second pattern.

KFM 714L and 715L

Born 7/9/23: Twin white ewe lambs out of Otter and Peacham. I love the confirmation and the heavy pheomolin (tan pigment) on these pretty ewes. I’ll be keeping one for my foundation flock.

KFM 725L

Born 4/16/23: Black badgerface ewe lamb with distinctive spots over the pattern. Very striking. Mother is June, a black badgerface and father is Merwin.

KFM 729L 

Born     : white ewe lamb twin out of Lemonfair and Merwin. Very sweet temperament, smaller of the twins but catching up. The mother of these twins has been stellar for me – productive, great mother, milky, parasite resistant. This lamb will likely carry mouflon and gray for pattern.

KFM 722L and 723L

Gorgeous honey-colored fleeces on these moorit mouflon ewe lamb twins. They are sturdy, even sized, vigorous. Mother has a stunning fleece as well, and sire is Merwin.

KFM 717L

Born 4/13/23: Twin ewe out of Toni and Merwin with beautiful swirls of white and black “flashing.”

KFM 670K 01H “Putney” [USA]3783

Born 3/29/22. A beautiful white yearling ewe, twin. Great size and strong growth, out of super dependable Ovid and Grace, who have all the traits I select for in my flock – vigor, size, parasite resistance, temperament.

KFM 678K 01H Ewe “Peru” [USA]3786

Single, born 3/24/22: This big white ewe yearling got tremendous attention from her milky mother and grew really well. Very alert and handsome. Out of Nandi and Ovid. Will likely carry mouflon.

KFM 699K “Maple” [USA]3800

Born 4/15/22: Lovely moorit mouflon twin ewe lamb out of October and Merwin last year. Stunning fleece, calm temperament, growing well. Not bred as a yearling so ready to go anytime.

KFM 673L “Jericho” [USA]3785

Born 3/29/22: Out of December and Merwin. One of the biggest lambs last year, stocky and tall. Was not bred so can go anytime as a one-year-old.

KFM 680K 01H “Jamaica” [USA]3788

Born 4/1/22. White twin yearling ewe out of July and Randall. Ideal confirmation, nice temperament and excellent AI lines.

KFM 706K “Woodstock” [USA]3804

Born 5/1/21: A twin who turned out to be a bottle lamb when her mother died. Very friendly and spunky. Solid black with spotting, out of one of favorite ewes of all time, Snoopy, and ram Langston.

KFM 607H “June” [USA]1664

Born 4/6/2020: Black badgerface ewe, three years with two lambings (twins both times). A little smaller than some because she lambed her first season but she has a strong topline, good feet, perfect udder and is an excellent mother. Lambs grow nicely. Throws spotted, badgerface and gray. Vali and Blettur lines, mother’s family includes stellar farm lines from Lake and Xerces.

KFM 551G “Coati” [USA]1758

Born 4/4/2019: Very stocky, tall gray ewe, has lambed three times (3,2,3). Excellent mother, keeps weight on even with triplets. Gentle.

KFM 465E “Emilie” [CAN]746825

Born 4/2/2017: Very tall black mouflon ewe, a Gramman and Alfur grand-daughter. Proven track record as a productive milky ewe, had gorgeous mouflon twins last year with distinctive face markings. Carries spotting and gray. Calm and easy to handle. Huge fleece.

KFM 413D “Isolde” [CAN]728888

A little bit older ewe and one of most beautiful and dependable. She has lambed five times with no problems and raising some of my best lambs (2,2,3,2,2), but she should have many productive years left. I have two of her daughters. Carries gray and spotted.

KFM 461E “Grace” [CAN]746989

Born 4/5/2017: A homozygous gray ewe, brown legs and silver fleece. On the small side but grows large lambs. Her ram lambs have been the most outstanding  in terms of size, horns and fleece for the last two years. Has lambed four times (2,1,2,2).

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