Icelandic Sheep for Sale

Here is a listing of our 2024 stock for sale. We are greatly reducing the flock this year so these represent our very best animals. Thank you for your patience as we add animals and get out in the field to take their photos. Buyers who have made deposits have first pick, but check in with us if you have questions. Rather than list all the AI bloodlines, I have put the animals’ registration numbers next to their name. You can look up full pedigrees at 2023 Lamb registrations are pending.

Thank you for your interest, and stay in touch.

Most Outstanding Rams of 2024

KFM 709L Ginger

Born 4/03/23

Beautiful, stocky moorit badgerface ram out of Bishbash and Merwin. Calm, lovely coloring, nice wide horns – everything we like to see in our breeding program here. Horns are already large and wide. Major AI lines are Prudur, At, Blettur, Kari, Laekur, Grani. $800

KFM 718L Earl

Born 4/13/23

Black/gray twin yearling ram out of Toni and Merwin. Beautiful coloring, wide horns, alert and stocky. Wonderful temperament. Major AI lines are Blettur, Gramman, Grimur, Kveikur, Alfur, Kari. $750

KFM 739M

Born 4/1/24

Homozygous gray ram lamb, beautiful and unusual coloring and perfect stocky, square confirmation. A stand out of this year’s lambs. Out of July and Peacham. AI lines include Blettur, Grimur, At and Prudur. $700

KFM 738M 

Born 3/25/24

We call this moorit mouflon ram lamb ‘Prince’ because he was a single spoiled rotten by his attentive mother, growing very fast. He has an absolutely beautiful fleece, nice and stocky. Curious temperament. Sire is Ginger, and grandsire is Lincoln. Will carry spotting. Major AI lines are Raftur, Vali, Grimur, and Mango. $800

KFM 747M

Born 4/1/24

Solid black twin ram lamb out of Devon and Peacham. What a hunk! He’s long-bodied as well as tall and broad. Great bloodlines for growth and vigor from three of our favorite family groups.  Will throw moorit. $750

KFM 746M

Born 4/1/24

Also a solid black ram lamb who is showing tremendous promise in growth and stockiness. Wide chest and well set legs. We love it when we have so many rams of consistent size and vigor. This guy is another looker! Out of Hartland and Ginger. Will also throw moorit. $750

KFM 768M 

Born 4/21/24

Black badgerface twin out of a favorite, really huge, productive white ewe named Lemonfair. Sire is a moorit badgerface. Really can’t go wrong here. $750

KFM 748M

Born 4/10/24

Another gorgeous, super stocky ram lamb twin, moorit mouflon. This is my favorite color for fleece. Twin, out of Bancha, growing really well. $750

KFM 750M

Born 4/15/24

Spectacular white single ram lamb out of Bishbash. Great width and confirmation on this guy. Will carry moorit and badgerface. Showing tremendous promise. $750

KFM 751M 

Born 4/16/24

White twin ram lamb with some less well common AI lines and growing well. More TK

KFM 755M and 756M

Born 4/19/24

Twin ram lambs, both white but one with heavy pheomelanin making him a lovely apricot color. Pictured here at two weeks old and growing fast on very milky attentive mothering by Jamaica. $750

KFM 749M

Born 4/20/24

Striking moorit mouflon ram lamb out of Bell. He’s getting the benefit of all her milk and, though late born, is among the chunkiest and tallest and really stands out. $750

2024 Ewe Lambs for Sale – IN PROGRESS

check back – we will be totally up to date on this page by June 5.

KFM 761M and 762M

Born 4/20/24: White twin ewes out of Toni and Peacham. Vigorous, chunky, friendly. Mother is a beautiful black gray and they may carry her pattern, as well as badgerface or mouflon. Lots of sweet temperaments and vigor in this family line.

KFM 767M

Born 4/10/24: Gorgeous coloring on this moorit mouflon twin ewe lamb out of Bancha. Reserved.

KFM 740M

Born 4/1/24: huge, stocky twin ewe lamb with homozygous grey pattern. More TK

KFM 771M

Born 4/20/24: Black badgerface grey ewe lamb with  lovely subtle patterns. Very striking. Twin is a moorit mouflon lamb. Will carry moorit. More TK

KFM 754M 

Born 4/21/24: White ewe lamb twin with a gold overcoat and face out of Tulsi, a gray mouflon ewe. Lovely, calm. Reserved.

KFM 764M

Born 4/20/24: Gorgeous gold and umber toned fleeces on this moorit mouflon ewe lamb. Sturdy, vigorous, chunky. Wonderful bloodlines on both sides. Out of October and Peacham.

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