Icelandic Sheep for Sale

Our top Icelandic ram lambs of this year are for sale below. Scroll down further for ewes and ewe lambs still for sale. If you’re interested in an animal, please email us. We are also taking deposits on 2022 lambs. Please consider making a deposit now for next year as we honor choices on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sires of 2021 Lambs

KFM 370C B5H Langston

Born 4/6/2015, twin

Purebred, registered Icelandic ram (registration)

Beautiful solid black ram with a huge fleece and good muscling in legs and back and chest. Gentle temperament, nice horn set. Carries moorit, and badgerface and solid for patterns. He has some old standby AI lines like Mango and Grimur, but most importantly to us he has excellent farm-bred vigor, size and parasite resistance.

Kind Horn Ram 906E O1H Ovid

Born April 6, 2017, twin

Purebred, registered Icelandic (link to registration)

Ovid is a Vali grandson with Raftur on his maternal side. His finest traits are his massive wide horns, excellent muscling and lambs that are large and vigorous at birth. We have kept several of his daughters with great success. His patterns are white and gray.

KFM 544F M4H Kameli

Born April 15, 2018, twin

Purebred, registered Icelandic (link to registration)

His name means “honey” in Hawaiian, for his honey colored fleece and sweet temperament. Huge, gentle moorit mouflon ram who throws consistently tall, broad and fast growing lambs with that gorgeous fleece. His patterns are mouflon and badgerface. He’s a Gramman (Grabotni and Mygla) grandson with some nice lines from Frelsi and Marty Favre on his maternal side.

2021 Ram and Ewe Lambs for Sale

KFM 635J B2H Ram Available

Twin, born 3/24/21: Homozygous gray ram lamb with striking white flashing around his neck and head and the variegated gold-gray-black fleece that comes with this color gene. Really great growth, very alert and handsome. Out of Grace and Ovid.

KFM 653J 01H Ram Available

Very handsome and stocky white ram lamb out of Emilie and Ovid. Could carry mouflon from mother.

KFM 639J 01H Ram Available

White ram, twin to 638J. Similarly big and stocky, fast growth, a really handsome guy. Love his mother’s attentiveness and milkiness so lots of great breeding potential here if looking for size and vigor. Could throw badgerface.

KFM 662J 01H Ram Available

Born 4/8/21: White twin ram lamb out of Nandi and Ovid. Great confirmation and parentage – lot of breeding potential.

KFM 658J 01H Sold

Born 4/3/21: White ram triplet out of Polly and Kameli

KFM 661J Ewe Available

Born 4/8/21

Stunning black-gray mouflon ewe with silver flashing over a coat of brown, gold and grey. Sweet temperament, nice confirmation. Out of Nandi and Ovid.

KFM 647J 01HS Ewe Available

Born 3/29/21: Adorable white ewe lamb with black eye spots out of Coati and Langston. Will carry gray and possibly moorit.

KFM 650J M5H Sold

Born 3/30/21: Very handsome solid moorit ewe out of Amina and Langston.

KFM 651J M4H Reserved

Moorit mouflon ewe out of Amina and Langston.

KFM 641J 01H Reserved

Born 3/27/21, twin. White ewe out of Lemonfair and Langston. We were super impressed with this first-time mom’s attentiveness and the size of her twins. Very leggy and strong right from birth. Dam has the nicest fleece in our flock.

KFM 642J 01HS Reserved

Spotted ewe out of Lemonfair and Langston

KFM 656J B2H Sold

Born 3/28/21: Black/gray twin ewe out of Saco and Langston. Super sweet personality and lovely fleece. Very attentive mother.

KFM 644J B2H Reserved

Born 3/28/21: A black gray twin ewe out of Langston and Saco. Lovely fleece that will grow out to silver, very lively and long-legged. Will probably carry solid or badgerface for pattern and could carry moorit.

KFM 645J B2H Reserved

Born: 3/29/21, triplet. Black/gray ewe out of Coati and Langston

KFM 646J B2HS Sold

Born 3/29/21: Black/gray ewe, triplet, out of Coati and Langston. Nice white spot on forehead.

KFM 652J 01H Reserved

White ewe twin out of Emilie and Ovid

KFM 659J 01H Reserved

Born 4/3/21: Sweet white ewe triplet out of Polly and Kameli

KFM 663J B3HS Reserved

Born 4/1/21: Twin, spotted badgerface ewe with great vigor and growth rate so far. Out of a spotted black badgerface Yampa and Langston. Twin sister is moorit, so this one might carry moorit.

KFM 655J M3H  Sold

Beautiful moorit badgerface ewe out of Yampa and Langston, twin, growing well.

KFM 643J B2H Reserved

Born 4/1/21: Black-gray ewe out of Snoopy and Kameli. Sweet and friendly. Could carry spotting and moorit.

KFM 657J B4H Sold

Born 4/1/21: Gorgeous black mouflon twin ewe out of Snoopy and Kameli.

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