About Our Farm

We raise organic blueberries and purebred Icelandic sheep.

Knoll Farm is a certified organic family farm on a steep hillside in the heart of the Green Mountains, near Waitsfield, Vermont. The land has been in agriculture since 1804 and its buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. The land, which tilts to the southeast, is perfectly suited for growing berries, and our large flock of Icelandic sheep enjoys the pastures and woodland edges. Our land has spectacular views of the Northfield and Green Mountain ranges.

We came to the farm in 2001 and started our sheep and berry operation with the intent to reclaim tired pastures and grow perennial food crops that are healthy, productive, and native to this ecosystem. Success is in seeing the soils regenerate and pastures grow more lush and diverse from intensive grazing and no-till practices, to see the wild pollinators rebound through conservation plantings, and to sustainably harvest healthy meat and vegetables with no chemical fertilizers, feeds or sprays.

We sell our lamb and berries wholesale to local groceries and restaurants, and offer them – as well as many other products – at the farm store year-round. We are a popular destination in the summer months for pick-your-own berries, picnicking, farm-to-table dinners, and special events throughout the year.

We practice

Traditional Farming

No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals of any kind, a reverence for the living soil and creatures who sustain us and are our teachers, and in debt and gratitude to all ancestors who have come before us and taught us to grow and gather food in a healthy, respectful way. 



Discover More


Take a look at the wide range of products from our farm including berry jams and vinegars and grass fed lamb.


Find out when to pick your own organic blueberries or how to set up a wholesale berry order delivered to your store or restaurant.


Learn more about how we have been selectively breeding pure bred Icelandic sheep since 2002 and how you can start your own flock.

Our Icelandic sheep are 100% grass-fed.

The flock moves to new pasture every few days, in a grazing system designed to build soil health. The sheep benefit too, with fewer parasites and better nutrition.

You have probably heard how honeybees and wild pollinators are in serious decline. Blueberry farms depend on pollinators to exist: No bees, no berries. Knoll Farm is part of an important UVM study on wild pollinators. Our orchards are chemical-free, and full of wild herbs for bees to feed on.

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