Picnic Season starts on May 16

at Knoll Farm!

Our Vermont Picnic Baskets

What better way to enjoy someone’s company and celebrate the beauty and bounty of summer with a delicious picnic?

Knoll Farm is a natural place for a picnic. Spectacular mountain views, wide open fields or shady sitting rocks, gardens and handmade buildings, birds and sheep. To make it even better, all the food in our picnic baskets is made here or sourced from other farms and small food producers in Vermont.


Order from one of five choices of Picnics in our Farm Store. They are packed for 2 people. Picnic groups are limited to 6 people or fewer; to accommodate a larger group we ask that you make an advance reservation.


Our Baskets

We are excited to offer several different Picnic Baskets, full of delicious locally made items like crusty bread, goat cheese, salumi, our pestos and jams and homemade desserts. Choose from Omnivore, Vegetarian, Romantic (includes chocolate and flowers), a Kid Friendly basket, or the Ploughman’s Lunch, in our online store. Each basket is packed for two people.

Picnic Hours

The farm store is open Tuesday-Sunday 9-5, but the farm itself is open until dusk on Thurs, Fri and Sat for those who want to picnic. Please order your picnic basket online no later than 4 pm and we will leave it outside the farm store with your name on it.

Picnicking FAQs

How do the picnic baskets work? Can I pick them up and take them elsewhere or do I need to stay at the farm?

Packed in an apple basket with accessories from our kitchen, our picnic baskets are designed to be enjoyed only at Knoll Farm. Please be sure to return to basket, knife, cutting board and jars when you leave, and we will sanitize them for the next person. We can wrap any food you don’t eat for you to take home.

How much food is in a picnic basket?

We pack the picnics to serve two people. They include a small loaf of bread, meat and cheeses, vegetables, spreads or pickles, fruit and dessert. We also put in a sharp knife and some serving utensils. They don’t include drinks, cups, plates, napkins or a blanket. Get as fancy as you like!

Can I bring my own picnic?

Picnicking at Knoll Farm is reserved for those who purchase picnic baskets and/or picnic provisions from our store, or have a Season Pass.

What about alcohol to add to my picnic?

We cannot serve alcohol but we allow you to BYOB to the grounds, so long as you drink minimally, responsibly and discreetly.  You will be sharing the grounds with other people. Please also be sure to take away all your bottles, cans and trash. You will also need to bring your own glassware. We suggest paper cups or mason jars to avoid breakage.

When can I come?

Enjoy a picnic basket on the land Tuesday and Wednesday, 9-5, Thursday 9 to dusk, and Sunday 9-3. Please order your basket at least two hours ahead of when you want to come and no later than 4 pm, and put the date and time of your arrival in the comment box when you order (or send us an email).

Where can I picnic on the farm?

Knoll Farm is a very busy place! We often have groups in residence, as well as other day visitors and lots of projects going on. When you pick up your picnic we will tell you the areas that are available for picnicking that day, based on everything else we are managing. Generally, we reserve the lovely area around the pond and the greenhouse area for picnicking, but we ask that you remain flexible with us. Luckily, there are no spots that aren’t scenic, and we often have one or two spots that are under shelter.

Can I bring my dog?

Please leave your furry friends at home. We love dogs and have two shepherds of our own, but because we are an operational livestock farm, there are too many risks when new animals are introduced.

What if I want to bring a group?

We often hosts groups of folks on a walking tour or having an informal party who want to enjoy a picnic. We will reserve you a sheltered area and provide a tour of the farm if desired. For groups larger than 6 people we ask that you make a reservation and pay a facilities fee for your event. You can get this information by filling out our contact form, and we will get back to you promptly. Thank you.

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