Facilitating for Change: Transforming Places and Spaces in Polarized Times

with Peter Forbes

 August 24-27, 2021

4 day workshop

Sliding scale tuition

More than ever before, successful change-makers have the awareness and skills to cross the boundaries between cultures and ideas to create opportunities for different worlds to learn and repair together. They have the skills and the courage to go toward rather than from. They can speak plainly with those who are not like them about how they are different. They understand how their own identity is viewed by others and they know who they are in their work. They see this moment as being about honoring those differences, repairing, and finding the ways to move forward together. They are staunch defenders of what they love, but they do not assume their love is more important than any one else’s.

This annual workshop teaches practical skills grounded in facilitative leadership. We will explore how this adeptness can transform organizations, coalitions and communities to create progress together. How does one embody that work, to be open to the things we can’t see in ourselves, to more fully recognize one’s privileges, to move our work away from charity and toward reciprocity?

This workshop will help you to answer these questions:

  • How do I translate what I care about most in a way that brings about a real response in someone else?
  • Who am I in this work? What is my long work: the work that’s bigger than a job or title or project; work that arises from my identity, values and purpose.
  • What is does it mean to transform privileged places and spaces? What does that ask of me and of others?

Facilitating for Change provides participants a rich opportunity to gain personal awareness and explore real applications for how to improve their individual and group leadership skills at creating positive change with and among very different people.

This workshop is a rare opportunity to join peers to push yourself to understand your personal motivations, explore the role of identity and difference, and be in a safe setting where you can try new approaches.

These times require challenging assumptions, standing in the heat of disagreement, creating space for new awareness, and bridging polarities.  Our theory of change rests on making difference visible and honored as the foundation for real dialogue on matters of consequence to our lives.  This training is built around core themes that relate to facilitative leadership as a concept and also as a set of tools:

  1. Preparing yourself and understanding the context.
  2. Making visible that which is often invisible.
  3. Using story and personal narrative to foster awareness and change.
  4. Seeking out and working with difference.
  5. Changing the conditions, transforming spaces and places

Whether you are a change-maker advocating for an issue, an elected official seeking durable public policy, a committed advocate working for a purpose – anyone trying to find ways to connect across difference, this workshop will strengthen your personal leadership and help you to transform situations through brave and honest action.

We will be adhering to special safety protocol for your visit to the farm that respects and follows the best medical advice for how to be in community at that time.  We expect this protocol to evolve with changing information, and we will adjust our practices as needed to assure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.  We take seriously your health, our health, and the health of this land.

Peter Forbes  is an educator and cross-cultural facilitator who for 20 years has led programs that have created significant shifts in the American conservation movement: encouraging its values and challenging its histories, strengthening it by making it more inclusive of different worldviews, making it more about relationships between people and between people and nature.  Each of these shifts have been about power and how this affects mission and relationships. Peter currently leads two significant projects in different parts of your country that bring together Indigenous groups and conservation organizations to share and repatriate land. Peter has founded and led 3 social profit organizations and draws on other life experiences as an author and professional photographer.

Full workshop cost:

Room & meals (3 nights): $400.00
Tuition: sliding scale from $300-$600

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