Making Refuge

Making Refuge: The art of place-making that sustains difference, brings people together and inspires change.

led by Peter Forbes and Helen Whybrow

 July 20-23, 2021

4 day workshop

3 nights meals & lodging $400
Sliding scale tuition $300-$600

For 20 years, Knoll Farm has been a working farm, a family homestead, a retreat center and a creative space for dozens and dozens of organizations and the vision and needs of different identities of people. Our goal has always been to create a welcoming space where groups and individuals can have their own self-determined experience of nature and place.

What were the decisions, large and small, that got Knoll Farm to where is today? What have been our experiments, our failures, our lessons-learned and still being learned?

What does it take in America today to create a physical place where the people across class, race, and age feel welcomed, inspired and can see some of their own story there? The places we create can welcome and they can turn away. It’s not the sign out front that makes the difference; it how you share the land and what you encourage to happen there along with the awareness and openness you cultivate.

Maybe you truly believe in the power of nature and land to heal people and relationship. Maybe you want to learn more about the difficult legacy of land in America and how it’s still playing out today. Maybe you want to live a life of service around making a place that can belong to others. These visions are needed, and this workshop is designed to help you find your way.

This is an ideal workshop for people who work in land stewardship departments of land trusts , or board members who aspire to discover how land can be appreciated more fully by a community, or for individuals who have a similar dream and want to see an example close up. Every month, people write to us to ask if we would share our decisions and structure and challenges around what we’ve created at Knoll Farm. This workshop is for them and for you.

We will be adhering to special safety protocol for your visit to the farm that respects and follows the best medical advice for how to be in community at that time.  We expect this protocol to evolve with changing information, and we will adjust our practices as needed to assure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.  We take seriously your health, our health, and the health of this land.

Full workshop cost:

Room & meals (3 nights): $400.00
Tuition: sliding scale from $300-$600

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