Facilitating for Change Workshop

At Knoll Farm, August 24-27, 2021

This workshop is a rare opportunity to join peers to push yourself to understand your personal motivations, explore the role of identity and difference, and be in a safe setting where you can try new approaches.

These times require challenging assumptions, standing in the heat of disagreement, creating space for new awareness, and bridging polarities.  Our theory of change rests on making difference visible and honored as the foundation for real dialogue on matters of consequence to our lives.  This training is built around core themes that relate to facilitative leadership as a concept and also as a set of tools:

  1. Preparing yourself and understanding the context.
  2. Making visible that which is often invisible.
  3. Using story and personal narrative to foster awareness and change.
  4. Seeking out and working with difference.
  5. Changing the conditions, transforming spaces and places

Whether you are a change-maker advocating for an issue, an elected official seeking durable public policy, a committed advocate working for a purpose – anyone trying to find ways to connect across difference, this workshop will strengthen your personal leadership and help you to transform situations through brave and honest action.

Workshop cost:

The base cost of 3 nights accommodation and all meals at the Refuge, including rooms and meals tax is $436. Tuition for the workshop is on a sliding scale, $300-$600. We are grateful if you pay what you can.


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Additional information

Sliding Scale

$300 Tuition, $350 Tuition, $400 Tuition, $450 Tuition, $500 Tuition, $550 Tuition, $600 Tuition


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