Berry Picking Crew

 July 15-Aug 15 

+/- 15 hours a week

$16 per hour

Our small but mighty berry picking crew is primarily in charge of harvesting the berry crop and getting it to retail and wholesale markets. We primarily grow certified organic blueberries and raspberries, have an active farm stand on the property, and serve several restaurants and groceries.

Applicants may double up this position with part-time work on our Refuge Crew, helping with guest services, meals and special events.

Job responsibilities include:

  • efficiently and quickly harvesting berries in peak season for our wholesale accounts 
  • orchard work: harvesting, weeding, mulching pruning, mowing
  • restocking the farmstand and helping customers on busy weekends
  • helping with farm events, concerts and dinners if desired

Berry Crew hours are typically 8 am-1 pm, 4 days a week, and some weekends.

Experience needed:

Experience with physical work on a farm and outdoors in all weather is important. Berry picking experience essential. We are looking for people who are physically fit and strong, and who can work fast but do a job well. A lot of being successful on a farm is thinking about how to move efficiently and problem-solve when faced with a new task or problem. Good communication skills, engaging kind manner with customers and guests and a positive attitude are all also important. This is a very rewarding job in a beautiful setting.

Note: We require at least a one-month commitment but are willing to be flexible on which days in the week that you work.

We seek candidates who have an approachable demeanor and a general openness to input from all levels of staff and the general public. Must be sensitive to issues of gender, racial, ethnic and cultural diversity and inclusion. 

Knoll Farm’s mission and core values of equity, fairness, inclusion and diversity are present in all that we do. Black, Indigenous and People of Color are encouraged to apply.

If interested please email a cover letter and resume. Thank you.

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