Farm Assistant

 May 15-Sept 1

+/- 30 hours a week


We are looking for a farm assistant for our busy spring-summer-fall season. Spring begins with orchard pruning and mulching, mowing, repairing fencelines, lambing, and planting. In summer we have a busy farm store and pick-your-own blueberry orchard and well as crops and sheep to tend to. Our flock of 90 Icelandic sheep move every three days in a pasture rotation covering 30 acres and we do health checks every two weeks in summer. Our farm crew also helps get berries to our wholesale accounts, restaurants and groceries.

Job responsibilities include:

  • orchard work: harvesting, weeding, mulching pruning, mowing
  • grazing and watering sheep, helping with health checks, fencing
  • garden and crop work, landscaping and fall firewood
  • shifts in the farm stand and helping customers on busy weekends
  • occasional help with farm events, concerts and workshops

Hours are typically 8 am-3 pm, 5 days a week, including one weekend day in July and August.

Experience needed:

Experience with physical work on a farm and outdoors in all weather is important. We are looking for people who are physically fit and strong, and who can work steadily to do a job well. A lot of being successful on a farm is thinking about how to move efficiently and problem-solve when faced with a new task or problem. Good communication skills, engaging kind manner with customers and guests and a positive attitude are all also important. This is a very rewarding job in a beautiful setting.

Basic knowledge of planting, transplanting, animal husbandry and berry picking, as well as experience with customer service. Many jobs on the farm can be taught by doing and we are happy to train the right person.

If interested please email a cover letter and resume. Thank you.

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