Habibi’s Yarn Shop

Locally grown fiber

In Habibi’s Yarn Shop we carry our own locally spun Icelandic yarn as well as a variety of other local, high-quality New England small flock yarns. We have a range of fiber including alpaca, mohair and wool blends. In addition to yarn, you can pick up free patterns, kits, and join Knit Alongs through our yarn shop.  We hope that this new venture will create a community around making cloth by hand and deepen our connection to small New England fiber farms.

How We Make Our Icelandic Yarn

We shear our sheep twice a year. The summer is when they grow a massive coat a beautiful lustrous sheen because of all the protein in the grass. The lambs are shorn for the first time in the fall, at 5 months old. This is the wool we turn into yarn and blankets. It is carefully picked clean (or “skirted”), then washed, dehaired, spun, and skeined. We use small fiber mills throughout New England to produce our yarn.

Want to Collaborate?

Our vision is to showcase beautiful fibers produced around New England, and in the process support other small flocks like our own. We know what a labor of love it is! We give farmers 70% of the proceeds of what we sell in the shop. Please get in touch if you have your own natural fibers and want to collaborate.

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